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Checkers Game Champion
Alfred Jordan

1872 to 1926

Champion Alfred Jordan and Trophies

Checkers Game Champion Alfred Jordan came from London, and current family state that he was not related to Richard Jordan. He was a tobacconist who loved a great game of checkers and who played on the British Checkers Game Team against the US in the First International match checkers game in 1905. He held the World checker title briefly from 1910-14.
In 1912, Alfred challenged any player in the world for the Championship title of England but James Ferrie declined to play, and while Robert Stewart accepted the challenge, their match was never played. American checker player, Newell Banks tied Jordan in 1914, and although Alfred never officially won the title, he was still considered the World Champion.
In 1917, Jordan was beaten by Newell Banks, and soon after he moved to the US, where he played for the American champion checkers game title, but he never won it. He would have played on the US team in the Second International checkers match in 1927, but fate, once again, intervened. Champion Alfred Jordan died suddenly and unexpectedly on May 7, 1926, in Washington D.C., from kidney failure at age 54. Jordan played in five National Checkers Game Tournaments, nearly winning several of them. Known as "Artful Alfred", he was a great checker player, and his books and magazines are all still collectable.


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