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Checkers Champion Ton Sijbrands

The following is a list of champion Ton Sijbrands' books on checkers:

  • Topprestaties op het dambord 1968, Ten Have, Amsterdam Top Performance at the checkerboard; Analyses of forty checkers games from the 1968 World Championships.

  • Ton Sijbrands Dammer; 1973, Prisma, Utrecht/Antwerpen; written with Jules Welling (Ton Sijbrands Checkers Player).

  • Sijbrands - Andreiko. 1973, Keesing, Amsterdam; Tweekamp om het wereldkampioenschap dammen; written with Alexander Münninghoff (Sijbrands – Andreiko ~ The World Championship of 1973).

  • Tweekamp Wiersma – Clerc; 1978; (World Championship of Wiersma - Clerc 1978).

  • Gantwarg – Wiersma; 1979; Volmacmatch om het WK 1979; written with H.Kiers, (Gantwarg – Wiersma; Volmac Match of the World Championship 1979).

  • Beter dammen; 1979, Amsterdam/Antwerpen; written with Philip de Schaap (Better Checkers).

  • Dammen; 1985, Luitingh, Utrecht; Een praktische handleiding voor beginnende en geoefende dammers; written with Philip de Schaap (Checkers ~ A practical guide for novice and experienced checkers players).

  • De 20 partijen van de tweekamp om het wereldkampioenschap 1985; 1986, Dordrecht; written with Herman Fokkink (20 Games from the World Championship of 1985).

  • Baba Sy; 1989, Dammen, Voorst; Het grote Baba Sy boek, Tweetalig (ned. en frans) (Baba Sy ~ The Big Baba Sy book, Bilingual in Dutch and French).

  • Andries Andreiko; 1990, Dammen, Voorst (Andries Andreiko ~ Checkers).

  • Wereldkampioenschap dammen Groningen 1990; 1991, Dammen, Voorst (World Checkers Championship Groningen 1990).

  • De 15 blindpartijen van Middelburg 1991; 1993, Middelburgse Damclub; Wereldrecord blindsimultaan Middelburg (15 blindfold games of Middelburg 1991 ~ Analyses by Sijbrands).

  • Les Croniques de Ton Sijbrands Nr 1 t/m Nr 18; 1993, Amsterdam - Voorst; Verzamelde rubrieken (The Chronicles of Ton Sijbrands No. 1 to No. 18).

Collaborator of these checkers books:

  • Mondilederdamtoernooi om het kampioenschap van Nederland 1979; 1979, Dammagazine DB (Netherlands Checkers Tournament World Leader for the Championship of 1979).

  • Wereldkampioenschap dammen 1988 annex tweekamp Gantwarg Sijbrands; 1988, Dammen, Voorst, Checkers, Voorst; (World Checkers Championship 1988 between Gantwarg~Sijbrands).

  • WK Dammen 1994; 1994, KNDB Checkers 1994; Den Haag 6 t/m 27 november (World Championship 1994).

  • Challege Mondial 1997 Stadskanaal; 1998, (World Challenge 1997).

Sijbrands Checkers Future

Though checkers champion Ton Sijbrands still carries a deep love for the checkers game, he decided in 2006 to step away from the World Championship competition, or at least the 2007 checkers tournament in Hardenberg. His reasons for this decision were as follows:
  • He was getting older and at almost 57 Ton feared for a decline in his performance and preferred to be remembered as a strong contender in the International checkers arena.

  • The time that he took to prepare for checkers tournaments and World Championships took him away from time spent on his autobiography.

  • Fundamental changes within the checkers game: a) reducing the allotted tournament game time of 7 hours and limiting a game to 6 hours; b) the tendency to see the endgame as less essential and c) changes in scoring.

  • The issue of “doping for denksporters (mind sport players)” ~ “doping controls” (perhaps Ton meant a testing for drug substances).
Champion Ton Sijbrands is still involved in the game of checkers at different levels from writing about it to participating in chosen tournaments, simultaneous plays and blind simultaneous games, but Sijbrands would like to see the traditional game of checkers remain the same. As of January 2008, he was ranked as the Number 1 player in the World in the International checkers arena, but only the future will tell the remaining chapters in the life of the Dutch checkers champion and Grandmaster blindfold simultaneous game player.
Ton Sijbrands playing checkers
Ton Sijbrands
playing checkers.
Ton Sijbrands Checkers Champion out for a walk
Ton Sijbrands
Checkers Champion
out for a walk.
Ton Sijbrands Checkers Champion waiting
Ton Sijbrands
Checkers Champion
waiting his turn.

Sijbrands Checkers Champion World Champion Ton Sijbrands
Champion Ton Teunis Sijbrands Checkers Champion Ton Sijbrands


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