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Checkers Game Champion of the World
Ton Sijbrands

from 1968 ~ 1981

During the next seven years, checkers champion of the world Ton Sijbrands easily displayed his checkers skill development and checkerboard prowess by winning the Dutch national championship in Utrecht/Apeldoorn 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1973. He also won the European championship match again in 1968, 1969 and 1971. Then in 1972 he defeated World Champion, Andris Andreiko, in the Hengelo tournament and captured the European World Checkers Championship title, which he then defended in the 1973 Den Haag/the Hague World Championship competition with a successful win against Andreiko in a score of 22-18.

However, after 1973 world champion Ton Sijbrands refrained from playing in the World tournament arena until 1988; however, he did continue playing against master opponents in various tournaments throughout the European checkers circuit during that time period.
the next checkers move
Ton Sijbrands1968 ~ the next checkers move.
playing checkers in Gantwarg
Ton Sijbrands vs Anatoli playing checkers in Gantwarg
Simultaneous checkers play
Ton & Harm
Simultaneous checkers play.
Suikertoernooi, Amsterdam
Ton Sijbrands vs Andris Andreiko Brinta Checkers Tournament
Champion of the World Ton Sijbrands
Andris Andreiko
Brinta Checkers Tournament
Checkers Champion Baba Sy vs World Champion Ton Sijbrands
Checkers Champion
Baba Sy vs World Champion Ton Sijbrands Hoogezand-Sappermeer,
1971 Sijbrands vs ‘Slawa’ Sjtsjogoljev Netherlands Checkers Championship
Sijbrands vs ‘Slawa’ Sjtsjogoljev
Netherlands Checkers Championship
1972 Harm Wiersma vs Carl ‘Buster’ Smith, Ton Sijbrands & Jan Metz watching
Harm Wiersma
Carl ‘Buster’ Smith,
Ton Sijbrands
& Jan Metz
watching checkers
Frans Drost vs Harm, Ton observing WC checkers
Frans Drost
Ton observing
WC checkers game.

Ton Sijbrands Riga 1976
Ton Sijbrands
Riga 1976

Harm, Ton, & Rob Clerc 1978
Harm, Ton,
& Rob Clerc
Ton as ‘seconder’ to Harm Wiersma in title match Gantwarg
Ton as ‘second’ to Harm Wiersma in title match Gantwarg; 1981.

World Champion Ton Sijbrands 1975

Throughout his checkers tournament experiences, World Champion Ton Sijbrands honed his strategic style of play at the checkerboard, and when he returned to the World Championship arena in 1988 contested for the Dutch championship and successfully won the title once more.

The following year, Ton challenged World Champion, Alexei Tsjizjov, in the final round of the European World Championship checkers tournament held in Amersfoort, Netherlands. During the last game of the title match, the defending champion tied with Sijbrands with a closing result of one win, one loss and eighteen draws each out of a match with 20-20 games. The end tie score thus allowed Tsjizjov to retain his World checkers title for another year and Ton placed 2nd in the world competition.

In 1992, World Champion Ton Sijbrands was one of many Grandmasters who played in the checkers world Cup competition in Toulon. Alexei Tsjizjov was the defending World Champion, and in the final game of the tournament match, Sijbrands and Alexei were the opponents. World Champion Ton seeking the World title and Alexei defending to hold on to the checkers title.

Ton Sijbrands vs Alexei Tsjizjov

Ton Sijbrands vs Alexei Tsjizjov
Toulon, France 1992.

The end result of the World Championship match was Tsjizjov defeating Sijbrands and retaining his checkers world title; however, Sijbrands loss placed him in 2nd place ranking with Harm Wiersma, Rob Clerc, and Alexander Baljakin. This also raised the question as to who would be the challenger the following year.

Of this outcome, Harm Wiersma commented: (translated version) “World Champion Ton Sijbrands and I always look for the perfect moves. This takes a lot of mental energy. Tsjizjov (then 28) is conditioned and physically strong playing with a fun approach.”

On the subject of his opponent and checkers Grandmaster, Alexei Tsjizjov, Ton remarked that the Russian player had a distinctive, clear style and that he played the game quickly, making easy capture decisions, with the possibility of winning on simple standings or checkerboard plays. This is in contrast to Sijbrands own more pensive, analytical approach. Perhaps the differences in the cross board techniques and styles could have had a significant ‘play’ in the overall tournament outcome. The Dutch Grandmaster player took a significant stance in the European checkers arena during a fourth round game at the Apeldoorn tournament in 1993. From all accounts of the game, there was construction taking place to rebuild part of the Town Hall, and though some attempts had been made by the competition organizers to reduce the noise level, Sijbrands found the hammering, etc. excessive and it affected his concentration at an important phase of his checkers game. His opponent was Peter Hoopman at this juncture.

Ton finally asked the referee to stop the game clock while a solution was sought to stop the construction noise. This was done and then the referee came back and told the Grandmaster that whatever the remedy was ‘would soften the noise’. Apparently they had attempted to block out the disturbing sounds by taping off the doors; however, it did not appear that this solved the issue with Sijbrands for he offered the game win to his opponent. Unfortunately, Peter Hoopman declined the offer and did not want to take it on a default so he would say nothing to the organizers.

World Champion Ton Sijbrands stepped away from the game while he made a decision and then surprised the tournament officials by not coming back, but later informing them that he had withdrawn from the match competition. Although his decision did compromise the game outcomes somewhat, he had tried to conclude the game in a fair manner, and eventually a decision was made as to how to proceed with the remainder of the match minus the Dutch player.

Ton Sijbrands playing checkers

Ton Sijbrands concentrating on checker board.

Ton Sijbrands playing outdoor checkers with Igor

Ton Sijbrands playing
outdoor checkers with Igor

Ton Sijbrands with checker board

Ton Sijbrands spent a lot of time preparing for tournaments and the World Championship matches.

Checkers training session with ‘Slawa’ Sjtsjogoljev Singelstraat
Checker training session with
‘Slawa’ Sjtsjogoljev
Singelstraat Church,
Muiden, 1999
Ton analyzing the checkerboard
Ton analyzing the checkerboard
during the Muiden Tournament

Sijbrands Checkers Champion World Champion Ton Sijbrands
Champion Ton Teunis Sijbrands Checkers Champion Ton Sijbrands


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