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Checkers Champion

from 1949 ~ present

Checkers Champion Ton
Checkers Champion Ton ‘Teunis’ Sijbrands
Checkers Champion Ton Sijbrands older
Checkers Champion Ton ‘Teunis’ Sijbrands older
Checkers Champion Ton ‘Teunis’ Sijbrands ready
Checkers Champion Ton ‘Teunis’ Sijbrands ready
According to the FMJD rating for 2008, Ton Sijbrands checkers champion of the world, was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sijbrands is still the top World checkers player in International draughts within the European checkers arena.

In 1961, at age 11, Ton’s father introduced him to the world of checkers by taking his son on a Saturday afternoon trip to the youth checkers club of Leen de Rooij, where it didn't take long for the future checkers champion to quickly develop an interest in the mind sport that soon blossomed into an innate love of checkers.

In 1962, a young Ton Sijbrands checkers player was also introduced to the International draughts circuit where he was given the opportunity not only to observe checker masters use their individual techniques at the checkerboard, but the boy was also afforded the chance to be ‘second’ for Senegalese master, Baba Sy, where Sijbrands annotated the game moves as the Grandmaster faced various checkers opponents in the Lucas Bols Tournament in Amsterdam.

Ton Sijbrands, Geert van Dijk
Ton Sijbrands, Geert van Dijk, & Checker Champion Baba Sy
Sijbrands looks on as Checkers Champion
Sijbrands looks on as Checkers Champion Baba Sy faces Gournier

Champion Sijbrands Checkers Winner

That same year Sijbrands became the Dutch youth champion for the first time, but Ton also succeeded in winning this title several times after that during the early phase of his checkers career.

Ton Sijbrands Netherlands Apeldoorn
Ton Sijbrands
Netherlands Youth Checkers Champion Apeldoorn
Ton Sijbrands Checkers with Netherlands
Ton Sijbrands
Checkers with Netherlands Youth Champion Apeldoorn 1964
The young Ton Sijbrands became a nationally known checkers figure within the International draughts arena in 1965 when the young checkerist played against World Champion Wjatsjeslav ‘Slawa’ Sjtsjogoljev in the Brinta Tournament in Hoogezand-Sappemeer. Although Sijbrands only placed 10th in the competition, his great checkers game was the defeat of the Russian world champion.

Sijbrands checkers had continued to participate in various checkers tournaments such as the Dutch and European championships during 1966, but his triumphant year was 1967.

RC Keller, Ton Sijbrands, and parents

RC Keller, Ton Sijbrands and his parents

Youth National Checkers Champion

Not only did the young champion Ton Sijbrands checkers player succeed in defeating his opponents in the national checkers arena to become the Dutch champion at the Brinta Tournament in Hoogezand-Sappemeer in 1967, but he also achieved a significant win to become the European champion that year.

Ton Sijbrands observing
Ton Sijbrands
Harm Wiersma.
Ton Sijbrands checkerboard
Ton Sijbrands
at the checkerboard.
Ton Sijbrands receiving the trophy
Ton Sijbrands
receiving the
Brinta tournament trophy.

1967 Tournament Play

Ton Sijbrands in simultaneous checker games
Ton Sijbrands in simultaneous checker games where he beat Baba Sy’s record.
Ton Sijbrands beat Baba Sy’s record.
Ton Sijbrands in simultaneous checker games where he beat Baba Sy’s record.
Ton Sijbrands in deep concentration
Ton Sijbrands
in deep concentration.
Ton Sijbrands and Iser
Ton Sijbrands
Iser Koeperman
Rising checkers star
World Champion
Sijbrands and Russian Team
Checkers Team
Team Russia
Netherlands National Checkers Champion
Ton Sijbrands
Netherlands National Checkers Champion Utrecht/Apeldoorn
European Checkers Champion Livorno
Ton Sijbrands
European Checkers Champion,

Sijbrands Checkers Champion World Champion Ton Sijbrands
Champion Ton Teunis Sijbrands Checkers Champion Ton Sijbrands


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