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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Tournament Stadium
Checkers Game (1980)

Stadium checkers box top

This tournament stadium checkers game from 1980 is the later variant checker game. Stadium checkers differed from the original Stadium Checkers game where the stadium was made larger with more rings and there were more marbles to incorporate into the game play. The goal was to score the most points between the opponents and this was achieved by a player moving his/her marble to his/her own goal and by capturing opponent’s marbles.

Some of the rings in the stadium checkers had semi-circles. When two appropriate rings were lined up, a marble could be dropped into the formed pit and captured. A player could also capture by dropping an opponent’s marble into the wrong goal. The stadium checkers game was complete when a player's marbles were all out of play.

Each opponent scored fifty points for a goal marble and thirty points for a captured marble. High score won the checkers game. Tournament Stadium Checkers could be made more challenging by rotating the center goal indicator to a different orientation, and thus, making it harder to move a player's marble into the correct goal. Tournament Stadium Checkers was definitely a more challenging game than the original version as it had more options in the play of the game.

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