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Russian Checkers ~ Shashki

Russian Checkers MapRussian Checkers Flag

All Russian Federation of Draughts governs Russian Checkers or Shashki and though this form of checkers is very popular in the former Soviet Union, Turkish and International Checkers are also played. Moreover, Russian Draughts is an equally popular strategy game in Israel as well. Russian Checkers/Draughts are usually played in a ‘Go-As-You-Please’ fashion, though there are also tournaments held that include restricted openings. The Federation also organizes tournaments for two popular variants of this game: Poddavki and 10x8 Russian Draughts, which has the same rules as Russian Checkers with the exception that it’s played on a 10 x 8 checkerboard.

~ The Game Board ~

  1. The game of Russian Checkers is played by two opponents on the dark squares of a standard 8 x 8 checkerboard consisting of 64 light and dark squares.

  2. Each player has 12 checkers of contrasting colors to be used as ‘men’ on the checkered game board

~ Object of the Russian Checkers Game ~

  1. As with every other checkers game, the objective is to strategically outplay an opponent by capturing all his/her checker pieces or by preventing the other player from advancing his/her position by making any further moves.

  2. When one opponent has successfully achieved this goal, then he/she wins the checkers game.

~ The Starting Position ~

The checkerboard is positioned squarely between the two players and turned so that each opponent has a single dark corner on the left and a double dark corner on the right side.

  1. At no point during the game is the board ever changed from this position.

  2. The checkers are placed on the first three rows of dark squares closest to each player.

  3. The players may choose to randomly select the color of the checkers to be used or may simply take turns using the light and dark checkers.

  4. The opponent with the light colored checkers begins the game with the first move and thereafter, they alternate making one move at a time.
Red Checkers Game Board
  1. The board is numbered one through thirty-two and A through H for game notation and player strategy

~ Russian Game Moves & Captures ~

  1. Once the game is begun, each player will move his/her checkers in a forward diagonal path only to an unoccupied square.

  2. Players may only move one square at a time.

  3. All captures are mandatory in the checkers game.

  4. Each opponent captures the other player’s checkers by jumping over each one to an adjacent empty square directly beyond.

  5. Capturing jumps are made both forward and backward and continue as long as there are opposing checkers in the diagonal path with unoccupied squares in an adjacent position.

  6. At no point in the game may either opponent jump over his/her own checkers to gain advantage in the play.

  7. Capturing jumps may only be made over the other player’s men or kings.

~ Crowned to become King ~

  1. In order to become a king, a checker must reach the opponent’s last or king row.

  2. If a player’s checker reaches the far side through a jumping sequence, it continues to jump on the same move as a king.

  3. The checker remains a king at the end of the capturing sequence.

  4. Once a checker has become a king, the opponent must crown the checker immediately and then may proceed with his/her turn.

  5. Another checker is placed upon the first checker to signify the change in status.

~ King Moves & Captures ~

  1. Russian kings are also ‘flying kings’ in that they may move forward or backward any number of squares on a diagonal path which has unoccupied squares on which to land.

  2. ‘Flying kings’ capture from any distance in a diagonal line by jumping over an opposing checker or king in a forward or backward direction to an empty square beyond.

  3. The capturing king will land on unoccupied squares during the jumping sequence and will continue jumping either on the same path or by changing directions with a right angle turn onto another diagonal line.

  4. As with the regular checker pieces, kings may not jump over their own men.

  5. Kings must take advantage of all capturing moves.

  6. If there is more than one way to make a jump, there is no restriction on which direction the player must take; the player may choose the direction and move that best serves his/her strategy at this point in time.

  7. The checkers opponent is not required to make the move that will result in the greatest number of captures.

  8. If a capturing sequence allows the player to jump over an opposing checker or king with more than one empty square immediately beyond it, the king must land on a square that will lead to further jumping.

  9. If there is more than one such square in a sequence, then the player may again choose which one he/she finds most suitable.

  10. Once a king is moving in a capturing sequence, then all possible jumps must be made in that capture.

  11. If a situation develops wherein one opponent has three kings and the other has only one king and there are no other checkers on the board, a count is initiated with the moves of the stronger side.

  12. If the stronger king cannot capture the lone king by the fifteenth move, then the game ends in a draw.

  13. Generally speaking, a win is only feasible if the opponent with the three kings has possession of the diagonal path that runs from the lower left corner to the upper right corner of the checkerboard.

~ General Rules for Checkers and Kings ~

  1. Again, as in other checker variants, a “huff”of a checker is no longer permitted for failure to make a proper jump.

  2. If an incorrect jump is made, then it must be retracted and the correct move must be made by the same man or king that began the move in the first place.

  3. A king or checker may not jump over the same opposing king or man more than once.

  4. No captured checker is removed from the checkerboard until all capturing jumps in one sequence have been completed and the player’s hand has been removed from the king or checker.

~ Russian Checkers Time Limits ~

  1. Time limits are set in a checkers game based on a fixed amount of time allotted for a given number of moves per player regardless of how much time is actually used on any particular move.

  2. When all moves have been made by both opponents and neither has used the allotted time, an additional amount of time and moves are given to each player.

  3. Unused time is retained as soon as a new allotment has been issued.

  4. This process continues until the end of the Shashki checkers game.

  5. If time expires for an opponent before he/she has made all the required moves, then the player loses the checkers game.

Russian Checkers/Draughts ~ Poddavki Checkers

This variant of the checkers game is played in Russian and the ex-Soviet Union countries. Some checkers enthusiasts in Israel and the United States also play this version of the game.

Poddavki is a ‘Giveaway’version of Shashki checkers.

The rules of this variant are the same as for Russian Checkers in that the game is played on the dark squares of an 8 x 8 checkerboard with 12 checkers apiece in contrasting colors. The board is positioned squarely between the players so that a dark double corner is on the right and a single dark corner is on the left of each opponent. The player with the light colored checkers begins the play with the first move, and then they alternate turns thereafter. Only one move is made at a time. When a player reaches the opponent’s king row with his/her checker, then it becomes a king. Even if the checker arrives at the king row on a capturing move, it can continue on as a king and can follow a capturing sequence. As in Russian Checkers, the kings are ‘flying kings’. The main difference in this version is that winning is based on forcing the opponent to capture all the other player’s checkers and kings or by blocking any further legal move. The object of winning is the exact opposite of the regular checkers game. Technically, it could be said that the object of this Russian checkers game is really to ‘lose’.

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