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Rubik's Checkers Challenge

Rubik's Checkers Board

Rubik’s Checkers Challenge, created by Winning Moves, is a modern game of the classic play of traditional checkers enhanced with innovative twists and flips, based on the popular games originally invented by Ernö Rubik.

Rubiks Checkers Rules of Play:

~ Rubik's Game Board ~

  • The standard Rubik’s checkerboard is a variable grid of 20 squares.

  • Each player starts with eight two sided, dual colored checker pieces that show a King side and a ‘man’ side.

~ Object of the Game ~

  • The game objective follows the trend of Checkers where each player tries to capture all of the opponent’s pieces or block his/her playing pieces from further movement across the board.

~ Rubik's Challenge Starting Position ~

  • The game board is placed between the two players and each opponent sets his/her eight playing pieces into the slots on the board King side up, which is the two colored side, one per square in the two closest rows.

  • Each playing piece starts out as a King and players fight to maintain this power throughout the game through checkers strategy and skill.

Starting Position in Rubik’s Checkers Challenge
Starting Position in Rubik’s Checkers Challenge

~ Game Moves & Captures ~

  • One player begins the checkers game by moving one of his/her pieces and then the opponents alternate turns with each successive move.

  • Each piece begins with the full power of a King, moving diagonally forward and backward as in regular checkers; diagonally adjacent spaces are connected by lines on the board.

  • Captures through jumping sequences are also part of the play as in regular checkers and Kings may jump over an opponent’s ‘checker’ piece as long as the space is unoccupied.
Jumps on Rubik's Checkers board.
  • As in traditional checkers, multiple jumps are also possible.

  • When a King jumps over the opponent’s King, then the opposing King is demoted to the status of a ‘man’ and the checker piece is flipped to its ‘man side’.

  • Therefore, after a first capture, the opponent’s checker piece is flipped over to the pawn-side and its movement is now reduced to a backwards direction only.
Multiple jumps on Rubik's Checkers board.
  • A man cannot move in a forward direction, but only backward and it cannot jump or capture other pieces so this rule is different from the traditional checkers game.

  • The significance of this piece is that the man is ‘retreating’ because it has lost the power of the King checker piece.
Retreating on Rubik's Checkers board.
  • If a King jumps over the opponent’s man in a capturing move as in regular checkers, then this second capture of the same piece removes it from the board.

  • If a King has been demoted to a man, it can still be promoted back to King again as long as it is jumped by its own King piece.
King demoted on Rubik's Checkers board.
  • On a player’s turn, s(he)can either move a checker piece or promote a man that has retreated into the home row on a previous turn to King.

  • The man cannot be moved back into the home row and be promoted on the same turn.

  • These rules vary from traditional checkers and offer a unique style of play.

~ Winning at Rubik’s Checkers Challenge ~

  • Winning in this style of checkers is determined by either capturing all the opponent’s pieces or by blocking the opponent so that s/he cannot make a legal move with the remaining pieces on the board.

  • These rules that garner who wins are based on classic winning principles in a game of traditional checkers and seems to be the general goal of most checkers games.

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