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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Ringboard Checkers Game

Yet another variant on American Checkers/Draughts is the game of Ring Board Checkers, invented by Peter Aronson in 2002. This version is unique in that the board has acquired a new look and the King pieces are more powerful than in the original Checkers game. According to Aronson, this ringboard checkers game was inspired by one of V.R. Parton’s rules in his checker variants, Kinger and Dragon, that refer to using the edge squares for capture purposes. Other moves within this game such as the King’s orthogonal capture were inspired by Frisian Checkers/Draughts.

Ringboard Checkers Rules of Play:

~ Game Board ~

  • The game board is a modified standard 8 x 8 checkerboard consisting of 64 light and dark alternating squares; a boarder of additional squares have been added to surround the perimeter of the game board so that in total the checkerboard is actually 10 x 10 squares or 100 alternating squares of playing surface.

  • The border is unique to this game as the edge squares are demarked by diagonal lines; these squares have a special purpose in the game of Ring Board Checkers.

  • The board is positioned so that there is a dark double corner on the player’s right and a dark single corner on the player’s left side.

  • Each player begins the game with twelve checkers in contrasting colors.

~ Object of the Game ~

  • The game objective is to prevent the opponent from being able to make a legal move on his/her turn and this is achieved by either capturing all the opposing checkers or by blocking the remaining pieces so no further move can be made.

~ Starting Position ~

  • Each player begins by placing the twelve checkers on the first three rows on the dark squares of the game board.

  • The player with the dark checkers begins the game with the first move and thereafter, each player alternate turns by making one move at a time.
Ringboard Checkers Starting Position

~ Game Moves & Captures ~

  • Single Checkers move forward only one square at a time in a diagonal direction left or right to a vacant square.
  • Checkers capture by jumping over an opposing man on a diagonally adjacent square to the square immediately beyond, but may do so only if this square is empty.

  • The checker pieces or men may jump in a forward direction only, and may continue jumping as long as they encounter opposing Checkers with unoccupied squares immediately beyond them.

  • Men may never jump over Checkers of the same color.

  • Whenever a capture is possible, it must be made.

  • The edge squares of the board that are marked by an X are special in that they can be used as a landing zone when a checker is capturing an opposing man; however, these squares can ONLY be used in a capturing move or to make a capturing move possible.

  • When there is more than one way to jump, a player may choose any way that is desired and not necessarily the one, which results in the capture of the greatest number of opposing checkers.

  • Once a player chooses a sequence of captures, he/she must make all the captures possible in that sequence; if further capture is possible by continuing to jump, then the player must continue until all captures have been made.

  • Single Checkers can jump over and capture any King.

~ King Moves & Captures ~

  • When a man reaches the opponent’s far side of the board, whether by means of a jump or a simple move, it is promoted to King, and the move terminates on this row.

  • The opponent must then crown the new King by placing a Checker of the same color on top it and this player is not permitted to make his/her own move until the opponent's King is crowned.

  • Kings move forward or backward one square at a time in a diagonal direction to an unoccupied square.

  • In this ring board checkers game, a King’s capturing move is different in that the King can capture orthogonal by jumping four squares forward or backward in a right or left direction over an opposing man or king on diagonal, horizontal or vertical lines landing on a dark square past the captured opponent on the same line as long as the square is unoccupied.

  • The King may not use orthogonal moves unless they are capturing moves.

  • A King can use any right angle that is in line with the square being occupied and therefore, has a greater number of capture options.

  • As long as the King encounters opposing Checkers and there are unoccupied squares immediately beyond them, the capturing sequence must continue.

  • A King may never jump over Checkers of the same color and it can never jump over the same opposing man or king more than once.


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