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Checkers Games Around the World

Modern Checkers Sets

Although a great emphasis has been to focus on modern game development for children and young adults since the beginning of this century, the traditional checkers sets wait patiently in the background knowing that novices, masters and grandmasters still enjoy the inherent thrill of a challenging game in strategy and skill. Family modern checkers game sets are still available for a quiet evening at home or at the cottage with family and friends. Entertainment is guaranteed.

Modern Checker SetsChess Checkers and Backgammon

Family checkers game sets.

Older Checkers Game

Fancy Modern Checkers Sets

But the real connoisseur looks toward the classic game in a classy facade, as in these original checkers creations from Italy.
Modern Tooled Leatheretter Checkers sets
Modern Tooled leatherette Checkers/Chess ‘cabinet’with storage for playing pieces.
Antique Finished Checkers sets
Antique finished worm wood case with squares inlaid in genuine Italian Alabaster.
Modern Maple Made Checkers Sets
Modern Checkers/Chess sets are made of inlaid Maple, Walnut, Mahogany & Briarwood with brass piano hinges and a storage compartment with lock and key.
Classic Pedestal Checkers Sets
Classic pedestal Checkers/Chess board in antique finished Italian worm wood frame sets, with solid brass playing field.
Printed on Irish Linen Checkers

A unique checkerboard printed on Irish linen from a Checkers/Irish Draughts set that includes 20 different variations; in the Irish version, the player moves his/her checker the number of squares determined by the roll of dice (included), even if the piece is endangered.

Invented Checkers Games

Extreme Checkers Chebache Checkers Alien Checkers Four Handed Checkers Elecrronic Checkers
Elephant Checkers Parachute Checkers Ringboard Checkers Shifty Checkers Modern Checkers
Rubiks Checkers Kinger and Dragons Checkers Enchanted Checkers Space Checkers Nascar Checkers
Hoppin Checkers Cohort Checkers Checker SaurusRex Fascination Checkers Animated Checkers
Cheskers Checkers Hawaiian Checkers Battle Checkers Stadium Checkers Disney Checkers
Giveaway Checkers Bounce Checkers Chinese Checkers Garden Checkers King Kong Checkers
Space 2006 Checkers Quick Checkers Yesteryer Checkers Lego Checkers Insect Checkers
Cube Checkers Checkers 2000 Saving Private Checkers Justice League Checkers Elvish Checkers
Doubles Checkers Hoppin 2 Checkers Safari Dino Checkers Tri Checkers Tournament Stadium Checkers
Caribbean Checkers Turntable Checkers Word Checkers Checkers 4

DeerLake Online Store Items

Wonder Mugs Play checkers online, and enjoy drinking from this cool wonder mug.
When adding hot liquid, the colors of the mug will change, checkers cool.

Checkers is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white-chip checkers and the other red. The aim is to play checkers online, capture all of the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move.

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