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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Kinger and Dragons
Checkers Games

Another Checker variants called ‘Kinger’ and ‘Dragon’, purportedly was invented by English chess expert, Vernon Rylands Parton. Many other checker variants are also available. Many rules from International Checkers/Draughts have been adapted to these board games to create other interesting versions of the original game of CHECKERS.

Kinger Checkers Rules of Play:

~ Kinger Game Board ~

  • Kinger checkers game is played by two opponents on a standard 10 x 10 checkerboard of 100 alternating light and dark checkered squares.

  • Each Kinger player begins with 22 checkers: 19 single checkers and a stack of three checkers, called the Kinger, in light and dark colors.

~ Object of Kinger Checkers Game ~

  • The checker game objective is to win by capturing the opponent’s Kinger.

~ Starting Kinger Position ~

  • Each opponent places his/her playing pieces on the dark squares of the first four rows closest to his/her end line.

  • The set-up is as follows:
Kinger and Dragon Checkers Board

~ Game Moves & Captures ~

  • The player with the light checkers makes the first move and then the opponents alternate moves thereafter.

  • As in regular checkers games, each player is allowed one move at a time.

  • Single checkers may only move diagonally forward left or right one square at a time to an empty square beyond, as in International Checkers.

  • Captures are mandatory moves but the player can choose which capture sequence to follow.

  • A single checker jumps over the opponent’s piece(s) in the capturing move, which may be forward or backward and may continue as long as there are opposing checkers in the path.

~ Kinger and Kings ~

  • The Kinger is represented by a stack of three checkers starting out on the first row of each opponent.

  • The Kinger moves and captures in the same way that the King does in International Checkers except that a Kinger cannot be captured by single checkers or Kings, but only by the opposing Kinger.

  • When a single checker or Kinger reaches the opponent’s king row, then it is promoted to the position of King; however, a capture may not end on the edge of the board unless there is not alternative move.

  • Kings and Kingers can move both forward and backward on any number of squares in a diagonal with an unoccupied square.

  • Capture can be made from any distance along the diagonal by jumping either forward or backward over an opposing checker or king as long as there is at least on empty square between each checker.

  • The challenge becomes in both protecting and yet moving the Kinger into a strategic position wherein it can capture the opposing player’s Kinger.

  • All other rules from International Checkers apply in this Kinger checkers game.
Kinger Checkers Dragon Checkers Play

Rules of Play: DRAGONS

~ Dragon Game Board ~

  • Dragon checkers game is played by two opponents on a 10 x 10 standard checkerboard consisting of 100 alternating light and dark squares.

  • Each player commences the game with 30 pieces: 15 single checkers and 5 Dragons, represented by stacks of three checkers each.

~ Object of the Game ~

  • Each player’s goal is to win the game by achieving one of the following.

  • Capturing or blocking all the opponent’s pieces.

  • Possessing the most pieces when both players are locked by the play and cannot capture any other checkers, Kings, or Dragons.

  • If both opponents have captured the same number of men, then the dragon checkers game ends in a draw.

~ Dragons Starting Position ~

  • Each player places his/her Dragons on the first row of dark squares closest the his/her end line on the board and then situates the single checkers on the dark squares of the next three rows.

~ Game Moves & Captures ~

  • The player with the light checkers moves first and then turns alternate.

  • Each opponent makes one move at a time.

  • Single checkers are moved one square at a time in a forward diagonal direction to an empty adjacent square beyond.

  • Capturing jumps are compulsory and take precedence over regular moves but the player can choose the capture sequence.

  • Capturing jumps must continue as long as there are opposing pieces in the path of the capturing checker.

  • Captures are made in a forward or backward jump motion as long as there are unoccupied squares available.

  • Captured opposing pieces are not removed from the board until the move has been completed.

~ Kings and Dragons Checkers ~

  • Dragons move and capture like Kings in International Checkers.

  • Single checkers and Dragons are promoted to Kings when they reach the opponent’s last row as in International Checkers.

  • The advantage of having a Dragon promoted to King is that the player will gain yet another checker but the power of the piece is the same.

  • If a checker or Dragon reaches the King row by means of a jump and can continue the capturing sequence backwards away from the end row, then the capture must take place and the piece is not promoted to King.

  • The checker or Dragon checker only becomes King when the move ends on the last row of the opponent and then the piece is crowned.

  • Kings and Dragons can move both forward and backward on any number of squares in a diagonal line adjacent to an unoccupied square.

  • Capture can be made from any distance along the diagonal by jumping in either a backward or forward direction over an opposing checker, King or Dragon as long as an empty square is situated between the pieces.

  • A capturing jump continues on the diagonal path or by making a right angle turn to another diagonal that contains opposing checkers.

~ Dragon Checkers Win or Draw ~

  • A win is achieved when one player either captures all the opponent’s checkers or blocks him/her from making any further moves. In a stalemate situation, then the opponent with the most checkers wins.

  • In Dragons and kinger checkers, if each player has the same number of checkers, then it is a draw.


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