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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Justice League Unlimited
Champion Checkers Game (2004)

Justice League Unlimited Champion Checkers game box top

Mattel created this Justice League Champion checkers game variant with a theme based on comic superheroes. This Champion checkers game gave the players superhero powers. Each side had 7 superheroes among their, Champion checkers game pieces listed below:
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern

Included in the traditional checkers game were 3 variants that described how these powers should be used: one method activated the powers once the checkers were kinged, another had the superheroes open to both players, and the last variant shielded all the checkers as in Stratego, so that neither player knew which of the opponent’s champion checkers were which.

Justice League Unlimited Champion Checkers was four games in one! The classic game of checkers was now enhanced with three new game play options where children could assume the identities and powers of their favorite superheroes. Superman used his super strength to move two spaces diagonally. Batman could throw his Batarang to capture a checker piece up to two spaces away. Green Lantern created a shield that prevented his capture. HawkGirl had the ability to move an unlimited number of unoccupied spaces in a straight diagonal line. Martian Manhunter could move one non-diagonal space forward or to the side and then make a regular jump. Wonder Woman had the ability to move any opponent's checker on the board, then make her regular move, and Flash could make three moves in a row! Each Champion checker game piece could transform into exclusive Shield Movers.

As many other game manufacturers had done before, Mattel used a familiar theme to entice younger children to learn and play Champion checkers, but the famous comic book characters also gave the players a further dimension by incorporating the element of superpowers to be used to achieve each player’s goal of winning the game. Now strategy and ‘supernatural power’ could be applied hand in hand to make this Champion checkers game a little more intriguing for young minds.

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Checkers is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white-chip checkers and the other red. The aim is to play checkers online, capture all of the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move.

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