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Hoppin' Checkers Game

Hoppin' Checkers Mickey MouseHoppin' Checkers Donald Duck

A Note to Parents:
Both a beginner’s game and a more advanced game of Hoppin' checkers for your child are explained.
Have a hoppin’ good time.

2 Players

5 Mickey Mouse Playing Pieces
5 Donald Duck Playing Pieces
4 Frog Disks
5 Red Pawn Stands
5 Blue Pawn Stands

The First Time You Play Hoppin Checkers Game

1. Gently punch out the ten character playing pieces and the four Frog disks from
the parts sheet. Discard the cardboard waste.

2. Insert the five Mickey Mouse checkers playing pieces into the red pawn stands.

3. Insert the five Donald Duck checkers playing pieces into the blue pawn stands.


~ Object ~

Be the first player to get all five of your checkers playing pieces across the river and onto the rocks.

~ Hopping Game Setup ~

Place the checkers game board on a flat surface between both players. Turn the checkers game board so that a side with the Rock spaces is facing each player. Identify all gameboard spaces.
Hoppin' Checkers Lily Pad Spaces
Hoppin' Checkers
Lily Pad Spaces
Hoppin' Checkers Rock Spaces River
Hoppin' Checkers
Rock Spaces River
Hoppin' Checkers River Spaces
Hoppin' Checkers
River Spaces
Hoppin' Checkers Beach Spaces
Hoppin' Checkers
Beach Spaces


Choose which Disney character checkers playing pieces you will move during the game~either the five Mickey Mouse playing pieces or the five Donald Duck playing pieces. Place each of your playing pieces on a Rock space on your side of the checkers gameboard.

IMPORTANT: The Rock spaces and the Lily Pad spaces are the only spaces that you move onto during play. Place the four Frog disks out of play. They are only used in the game for Checkers Advanced Players, described later.

How to Play Hoppin' Checkers:

The youngest player goes first. Play then continues by alternating moves with your opponent on the checkerboard.


Move one of your checkers playing pieces onto a Lily Pad or a Rock space by doing one of the following: Diagonally slide one of your checkers pieces one space onto a vacant Lily Pad or Rock space or diagonally jump over a checkers piece (either yours or your opponent’s) to land on a vacant Lily Pad or Rock space.

Mickey Donald

You can only slide onto or jump and land on Lily Pad spaces and Rock spaces.
· You must always slide or jump diagonally.
·  You may slide or jump backwards ~ even to move onto or off a Rock space!


· You may not slide onto, or jump over, the River spaces or the Beach spaces.

· You may not slide more than one space on a turn. 

You may not jump over more than one checkers playing piece on a turn.

How to Win the Game of Hoppin' Checkers:

The first player to get all five of his or her pieces across the river and onto the rocks on the opposite side of the game board wins the checkers game.


~ Object ~

Be the first player to get all five of your checkers playing pieces past the frogs, across the river and onto the rocks on the other side of the checkerboard. Hoppin Checkers Frog Disk
F = Frog disk
Set up the game as previously described.
Now place a Frog disk (frog side up) onto each of the four Lily Pads marked “F”.

~ How to Play Advanced Checkers ~

Play the game as previously described ~ only now add these Frog disk rules as well:


The Frog disks do not belong to either checkers player. You may, however, move one frog on your turn instead of one of your checkers playing pieces. STRATEGY: If you want to slow down your opponent, slide a Frog onto a space so that it blocks your opponent’s path. IMPORTANT: You may not slide your checkers playing pieces onto or jump over, a space that has a Frog sitting on it.


· You must slide Frogs diagonally, just like playing pieces.

· You can slide Frogs onto the Lily Pads or onto the Rocks.

· You can slide Frogs backwards.


· You may not slide Frogs onto the checkers River or Beach spaces.
· Frogs may not jump over playing pieces or other Frogs.
· If your opponent slides a Frog, you may not immediately slide the same Frog back to the same space on your turn.
You must wait until your following turn to do so.

How to Win at Advanced Hoppin Checkers:

The first player to get all five of his/her playing pieces across the river and onto the rocks on the opposite side wins.

ã 1993 Milton Bradley Company, All Rights Reserves, 4404-X
ã The Walt Disney Company

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