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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Hawaiian Checkers Game

Red Hawaiian Checkers piece.White Hawaiian Checkers piece.

Hawaiian Checkers frog.

Hawaiian Checkers palm tree.

Just as Cheskers blended the rules of Checkers and Chess, Hawaiian Checkers or Konane, is a strategy board game that combines the tactics and game play of Checkers and Froglet into a new invented checkers variant. Whereas Checkers rules exist in numerous variants worldwide, Froglet is based on an old English board game wherein modern rules were developed by Harold Murray in 1898. Murray was a renowned researcher into the history of board games such as Checkers and Chess. The combination of Checkers and Froglet makes for an interesting new Hawiian checkers variation on an old theme.

White Hawaiian Checkers piece.Black Hawaiian Checkers piece.

Rules of the Hawiian Game:

~ Game Board ~

Konane is played by two opponents on a standard 8 x 8 checkerboard consisting of 64 light and dark squares.
  • Each player uses 32 pieces, which are placed on every square so that the game begins with a full board.

~ Starting Position ~

The white pieces are placed on all the dark squares and the black pieces on all the light squares so that the game board is completely filled before beginning the game.
  • The opponent with the black pieces commences the game.

~ Object of Hawiian Checkers Game ~

The game objective is to reach a position where the opponent is blocked and cannot make a legal move.

~ Games Moves ~

The first move of this version of Hawiian checkers is special because each opponent removes one game piece from the board, thus opening up the first opportunities for strategic moves.
    There are certain rules in place that determine the piece to remove:

  • The player with the black pieces must remove a piece that is located on the longest diagonal between a8 to h1.

  • Further, the initiating player has to choose wither a central piece, d5 or e4, or a corner one (a8 or h1).
  • the player with the white pieces then follows the initial move by removing a piece which is orthogonal adjacent to the unoccupied square ~ if black removes d5, then white must remove one of the following pieces: c5, e5, d4, or d6.
Hawaiian Checkers boardHawaiian Checkers frog board

  • Once the first move has been completed, every move thereafter is a ‘jump’ or capturing move.

  • Each player must then jump over the opponent’s piece and remove it from the game board.

  • Only horizontal and vertical jumps are allowed; diagonal jumps are illegal.

  • If the jumping sequence allows for further captures, then the player can choose to jump over the other pieces as well; however, unlike many Checkers games, multiple captures are NOT compulsory so that if a player chooses to end the move with one jump, he/she can do so.

  • Important to note is the rule that once a jumping sequence is begun, the player cannot change the direction of the jump; in other words, if a multiple jump is capturing opposing pieces on a horizontal line, then this direction must be maintained; the same applies if the piece is jumping in a vertical plane.

~ Ending the Hawiian Checkers Game ~

  • The player who cannot make another legal move, loses the checkers game.

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