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Giveaway Checkers Game

Giveaway Checkers Game Board

Giveaway Checkers is usually not considered to be a serious checkers game because the objective is opposite to that of regular checkers games. However, in some countries such as Russia, poddavki is played in tournaments. Also, in France, their version of ‘Qui perd gagne’ or ‘the one who wins loses’ is seldom played in checkers clubs; however, on occasion a Giveaway championship is played just for the amusement during the classic French championship. In Giveaway Checkers games good possibilities during each move are very limited so that means that programs need to be very strong. This variant is also called Suicide Checkers, Anti-checkers or Losing Draughts and is considered a ‘misère’ game because it is played by conventional rules of the checkers version in play, except that it has the opposite objective of regular checkers.

Rules of Giveaway Checkers Game:

~ Giveaway Game Board ~

  • Two opposing players employ a large standard 8 x 8 checkerboard consisting of 64 alternating light and dark squares.

  • All moves involves the dark squares only on the board.

  • Depending on the giveaway version that has been selected to play, the board is positioned squarely between the two players so that it will either have (a) a dark single corner to the right of each opponent and a dark double corner to the left, or (b) a dark single corner to the left of each opponent and a dark double corner to the right.

  • Each giveaway checkers player begins the game with twelve colored checkers, one opponent with white and one with red (other light and dark colors may be used as well as it depends on the game set used).

~ Object of Giveaway Checkers ~

  • The game objective is the exact opposite to a normal game of checkers in that each opponent is trying to outmaneuver the other player so that he/she either loses all the checkers or has checkers placed in such a way on the board that no further legal moves are available.

~ Starting Checker Position ~

  • Each opponent places the checkers on the dark squares of the first three rows closest to the player.

~ Giveaway Game Moves & Captures ~

  • Each player may only move the checker pieces diagonally one space forward.

  • When an opponent’s checker blocks the other player’s movement and there is an unoccupied square beyond the opposing checker, the player must jump the opposing piece.

  • Capture is compulsory.

  • Once the opponent’s checker has been captured, it is removed from the board.

  • If the capturing sequence allows for more than one piece to be jumped, the player must complete the sequence and capture as many opposing pieces as possible.

~ Crowned to become King ~

  • When a single checker reaches the opponent’s last or King row, it is crowned King by the opposing player.

  • Kings can move diagonally forwards and backwards.

  • When the single checker is crowned, the move ends there, even if there was an opportunity for the King to jump and capture another piece.

  • Capture is mandatory and all captures must follow the sequence of jumps to completion.

  • Neither King nor single checker may jump over their own checkers or over an opposing man more than once during the game.

~ Giveaway Game Time Limits ~

  • Some versions of this giveaway game also allow for additional rules such as setting a time limit for each move.

  • If the game is set up with a loss of game timeout penalty and the time expires before the move is complete then the player has ‘timed out’ and faces the penalty of forfeiture of the game.

  • If the game is set up with a loss of turn timeout penalty and the player times out during the turn, then he/she only forfeits a single move.

  • It is often a disadvantage to make two moves in a row, so the player may decide to pass the move back to the opponent without taking a turn.

  • Any opponent who forfeits three turns in a row, also forfeits the game.

  • This timeout rule can apply both to board and computer checker games.

~ Giveaway Checkers Game Win or Draw ~

  • The player who loses all his/her checkers or is unable to make any further moves with the remaining pieces on the board wins the game.

  • When it is a player’s turn, he/she may offer a draw along with the move and if this is accepted, then the game ends in a draw.
Game Note: Giveaway Checkers can be played in any version of checkers worldwide so the rules for that particular variant would apply as in the rules discussed above.


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