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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Enchanted Power Checkers

  • Push Power Checker: this enchanged power checkers piece may move one space against a line of enemy pawns, pushing the entire line back one space, but there must also be an unoccupied space the line can be pushed back into.

  • General Power Checker: as its move, all friendly pawns adjacent to the General may move and at least two such men must move.

  • Rook Power Checker: this man may move forward only like a Rook in Chess; however, it must end the move on a dark square without capturing during the move; this piece may not move through other pawns.

  • Bishop Power Checker: this checkers piece may move forward only like a Bishop in Chess; however, it must end the move on a dark square without capturing during the move and without moving through other pawns.

  • Orthogonal Power Checker: the power allows the pawn to make horizontal, diagonal or vertical jumps in both a forward or backward direction, where each of these jumps is four spaces long; this move cannot be combined with regular jumps.

  • Shooter Power Checker: after making a jump or series of jumps, this checker piece is returned to the square that it started from on this turn.

  • Slayer Power Checker: this Pawn cannot jump; however it can move diagonally forward into a space and capture the opposing piece occupying the square.

  • Fellowship Power Checker: after moving forward one space, this Pawn can switch places with any friendly man on the board.

  • Slider Power Checker: after moving forward one square, this game piece can switch places with any pawn on the same row.

  • Juxtapose Power Checker: once the pawn has moved forward one space, it can cause any two adjacent checkers to switch places with each other.

  • Reincarnate Power Checker: this checker piece can be moved forward one space and then switched with one of the player’s captured pieces.

  • Energize Power Checker: when the man has jumped, it may then teleport to any empty space.
  • Ethereal Power Checker: this pawn may jump over both friendly and opposing pawns, where only the opposition is captured.

  • Activation Power Checker: when a friendly checker piece has moved forward one space to any adjacent square, it may immediately make a regular move or jump.

  • Doppelganger Checker: this pawn may duplicate the last special power used by the opponent.

  • Siren Power Checker: with this power, the man may move an opponent’s piece one space closer as long as the target pawn is no more than three spaces away and its path is not be blocked because the pawn may move but not jump.

  • Poison Power Checker: when this pawn is captured, the enemy pawn that captured it is removed from play as well.

  • Nullifier Power Checker: no adjacent enemy piece may use its special power.

  • Phalanx Power Checker: as this pawn is making a move, all friendly adjacent pawns may also move in the same direction as a formation so that the friendly adjacent pawn in front will not be blocking its path.

  • Conversion Power Checker: any pawn captured by this piece remains on the board under the player’s control as a Convert Pawn, which then reverses its direction and loses its Special Powers.

  • Stopgap Power Checker: if a friendly pawn is captured, the player may immediately move this pawn to the space where the other was captured.

  • Lurker Power Checker: after this pawn jumps, it is possible to move again immediately with one of the other pawns.

  • Bestower Power Checker: if this checker piece is captured, the player may immediately teleport any of the existing pawns to another unoccupied square on the board.

  • Kingmaker Power Checker: every time this pawn reaches the opponent’s back row, one of the other pawns may be chosen to gain the movement abilities of a King, as in a traditional game of Checkers, but there can only be one such King at a time.
  • ~Opposing Enchanted Power Checkers Army Camps ~

    • The role playing theme in Krassner’s enchanted checkers variant is based on the war waged by the two battling camps of good and evil fairies.

    • Included here are examples of the two fairy camps:
    # Unit Name: Power: # Unit Name: Power:
    1 Oberon (Leader) General 1 Troll King (Leader) Charge
    2 Fairy Retreat 2 Goblin Nullifier
    3 Brownie Fellowship 3 Kobold Stopgap
    4 Sylph Ethereal 4 Changeling Doppelganger
    5 Elf Archer Shooter 5 Red Cap Lurker
    6 Gnome Trickster Juxtapose 6 Boggart Poison
    7 Dwarf Push 7 Duergar Bishop
    8 Pixie Deception 8 Imp Phase
    9 Sylvan Mage Wizard 9 Quaist Activation
    10 Sprite Scout 10 Hag Conversion
    11 Dryad  Teleport 11 Mephit Slayer
    12 Nymph Siren 12 Spiderbear Mega Jump

    ~ Enchanted Game Win and Draw ~

    • As in many a checkers game, a win can be achieved by either capturing all the opposing pawns, or by blocking the opponent from making any further moves with the remaining checker pieces on the board.

    • A power checkers win is also possible if a player has more pawns in play than the opposition and neither opponent has captured any pieces in seven turns.
    A draw is the result if both players are down to one pawn or if both players possess an equal numbers of pawns and neither opponent has captured a pawn in ten turns.

    Power Checkers Options:

    • Though the game rules of this checkers variant have been recreated and expanded from the traditional version to make it into an interesting enchanted power checkers role playing game, there are also other variations that can be adapted for further intriguing play.

    • Leader Variant: make one or more checker pieces on each side of the board a Leader; if a player can capture all the opposing Leaders, s(he) wins the game; this variant then creates an additional victory condition.

    • Super Unit Variant: give different playing pieces two or more Powers.

    • Bigger Board Variant: play with a bigger board, so that there can be a greater number of pawns and larger battles.

    • New Powers Variant: make up another list of powers or modify the existing one and enhance certain traits.

    Page 1 of Enchanted Checkers

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    Checkers is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white-chip checkers and the other red. The aim is to play checkers online, capture all of the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move.

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