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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Enchanted Checkers Game

Enchanted Checkers fairy

Another unique Checkers variant that involves the magic of a childhood theme is entitled Enchanted Checkers, designed by Lloyd Krassner in 2007. Is this checkers version meant for children to play or for the child in the adult mind? Is it indeed an adult role playing game? This will be left up for the player(s) to decide. It is, however, intended that this variation be played with a set of miniatures on a checkers game board and played with classic checkers rules. The fantasy theme storyline includes at least 36 different available powers and the names of the characters involved in each army. There are also other variations possible as long as the players possess a vivid imagination, a heart for strategy and tactics and a desire to fight opposing forces in this version of checkers.

Enchanted Checkers Rules of Play:

~ The Enchanted Game Board ~

  • The playing surface for this checkers variant is a standard 8 x 8 checkerboard with 64 alternating light and dark squares.

  • It is assumed that the game board is positioned squarely between the two players so that there is a dark double corner to right of each opponent since the designer states that traditional rules apply.

  • Each player will begin the game with twelve single pawns that may simply be regular checkers or miniature playing pieces.

  • Traditional checkers may be Red and Black, Red and White or Red and Yellow discs taken from a classic checkers game, whereas the miniatures are small, sculpted pewter, lead or plastic figurines.

  • According to the creator of this enchanted checkers game, the players are meant to use miniatures as playing pieces that may be referred to as ‘pawns’, ‘checker pieces’, ‘men’ or ‘units’.

  • For an added depth to the game, a checkerboard can be converted into the fantasy world of the characters, if the players or family members are artistically creative and innovative.

  • Miniatures can be painted in Red and Black to distinguish each side or each set of twelve must be decidedly different from the other to represent Trolls vs Fairies, Dwarves vs Goblins, Dragons vs Knights or Klingons vs Federation, etc.

~ Object of Enchanted Checkers Game ~

  • As in a traditional game of checkers, the game objective is to win by capturing all the opponent’s game pieces or by blocking the opponent from being able to make further legal moves with the remaining pieces on the game board.

  • To use the special powers of the enchanted characters to outmaneuver the opponent and succeed in the conquest of the opposing team.

~ Starting Checker Position ~

  • The opposing forces of both players are positioned on the dark squares only on the first three rows nearest each opponent’s home row.

Board Numbering Notation enchanted checkers
Board Numbering Notation
for enchanted checkers.

Starting position for enchanted checkers
Starting Position
for enchanted checkers.
  • In order for the two opposing enchanted players to set up their forces in secret, it is recommended that a separate board be used to split the game board in half.

  • Each figure must be assigned one of the Powers from the powers list and the method used for the

    Assignments can be:
· Random choice by using dice or cards.

· Players take turns picking Powers and assigning them to their pawns.

· Pre-determined by the player who owns the set(s).
  • Checkers opponents must also maintain a record to keep track of the power distributions; since each pawn has its own unique special ability or power, this tracking helps each player remember which pawn has what special power.

  • Using a list or a copy of the standard numbering system for the squares on a classic checkers board, each opponent can refer to this set of numbers in conjunction with the rules for the powers list.

  • Flip a coin to see who goes first, and then this player will make the first move as in checkers, and opponents will alternate turns with each successive move.

~ Enchanted Power Assignments ~

  • The following powers have been allocated to the numbered dark squares on a standard checkerboard; however, the gamers can determine the order and number of the powers before commencing the checkers game, or they can create additional powers or simply substitute some of the existing powers for more interesting ones that might make the enchanted checkers game even more challenging.

  • Some powers are better than others and not all powers are moves as some have affects on the opponents turn:

  • # Power: # Power: # Power: # Power:
    1 Latent 2 Scout 3 Charge 4 Phase
    5 Lateral  6 Teleport 7 Retreat  8 Bomb
    9 Forwarding 10 Rear guard 11 Wizard 12 Hold
    13 Mega Jump 14 Deception 15 Orthogonal 16 Push
    17 General 18 Rook 19 Bishop 20 Slayer
    21 Shooter 22 Phalanx 23 Fellowship 24 Slider
    25 Juxtapose 26 Reincarnate 27 Ethereal 28 Siren
    29 Activation 30 Doppelganger 31 Energize 32 Poison
The above powers are designated to the dark squares 1 – 32 on the game board; however, if the players wish to use both light and dark squares 1 – 64, then other powers need to be created to cover the checkerboard squares.

~ Game Moves & Captures ~

  • Basic Enchanted Checkers rules:

    • Each pawn possesses a unique move or own special power that it can use during game play.
    • Pawns can only occupy the dark spaces of the checkerboard.

    • All pawns must move or jump forward unless they have a power that gives the privilege do otherwise.

  • As in traditional checkers, the ‘forced capture ’ is applicable so that capture is mandatory in this game ~ if either player can capture an opposing pawn s(he) must follow the jump or jumping sequence to complete the capture of the opposing checker(s).

  • In this checkers variation, the creator uses the following terms for capture interchangeably: captured, killed, eliminated, removed from play, and removed from the board.

  • Whereas in classic checkers when a single checker reaches the opponent’s back or King row, the man is crowned King, this rule has been changed in Enchanted Checkers: >if one of the player’s pawns reaches the opponent’s back row, the player must immediately place that Pawn on any open space on his/her side of the board.

~ Movement Terminology/Rules ~

  • This variant is designed with different moves across the board as opposed to the standard ‘move one square to an unoccupied space’ for the single man or King in checkers.

  • When a pawn makes a "move" or "takes its turn", this can be a jump, traverse, shift, switch, push, a move that is not a traverse or other stranger possibilities based on the powers possessed by each piece or designated to each square on the game board.

  • ‘Traversing’ and jumping are defined as the normal moves in Checkers.

  • ‘Traversing’ is moving a pawn into an unoccupied adjacent space; jumping is jumping over one or more enemy pawns to capture them; shifting is moving into an empty space on a specified row and switching is exchanging the locations of two pawns.

~ Enchanted Power Descriptions ~

  • ‘Power’ is where this variant changes drastically from a classic game of Checkers and where the momentum of the game will undoubtedly be quite different in strategy and battle tactics as the players are now dealing with opposing forces of good and evil and new rules.

  • Latent Power: if this pawn ever reaches the opponent’s back row, it is upgraded to a King as in a regular Checkers game and it can traverse and jump in both a forward and backward direction.
  • Scout Power: the pawn may traverse twice in a turn but this move does not include jumping at all.

  • Charge Power: the checker piece may move once on its turn, then jump over an opposing piece.

  • Phase Power: the pawn may move twice on its turn like a Knight in Chess; the pawn must land in an empty space and does not capture anything, but it must move forward twice to re-emerge on a dark space.

  • Lateral Power: the single checker piece may move to any empty space on the same row it occupies and then it must make a regular move, whether a traverse or jump.

  • Teleport Power: the pawn may move forward to any unoccupied space on the board with the exception of the opponents back row; this is not considered to be a jump since no enemy checkers are captured.

  • Retreat Power: the enchanted checker piece may move but not jump backwards and may only do so if the move is adjacent to an enemy pawn.

  • Seize Ground Power: after the pawn jumps, it may move one space.

  • Forwarding Power: the enchanted checker piece may move to any empty space on the row in front of it.

  • Rear Guard Power: this pawn may jump backwards.

  • Wizard Power: this pawn may cause any one friendly pawn or checker on its own side adjacent to its position to be teleported as if it had the Teleport power.

  • Mega Jump Power: this piece may jump over two opposing checkers in a row to capture them and the move may also be combined with a regular jumping sequence.

  • Bomb Power: as its move, the bomb may remove itself and two adjacent pawns from the board.

  • Deception Power: after moving forward one space, this Pawn may then switch places with any adjacent pawn.

  • Hold Power: no enemy pawn that starts its turn adjacent to this pawn may move on its turn.

Enchanted Power Checkers Continued

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