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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Elvish Checkers Game

Elvish checkers game box top

Elvish Checkers game, made in 2004-2005, a game that uses elements from checkers, chess and Go and is a children’s checkers variant that is very easy to learn. The more elvish checkers game is played, the more depth the players will find in the strategies involved.

This is a two player game that uses a checkerboard style movement grid wherein each player has a large "village" spot on his/her side of the board that is connected to all four spaces in each opponent’s back row.

The object of elvish checkers game is for each player to move all of his/her elves into the opponent's village.

Elvish checkers game comes with seven regular "Elf" and one large "Stone Man" playing pieces and other game components are a set of 16 glass beads, polished rocks and a roll-up mat with the map printed on it. The Elvish game mat doubles as a carrying pouch using the supplied cord. The Elvish Checkers game rules are printed on four pages, where one page is devoted solely to the background story.

The inherent charm of Elvish Checkers is just how simple the game actually is to play. It’s a simple matter of pushing one of the pieces forward, unless that piece is blocked, then wait for the opponent to move. It's easier than Checkers, because players aren't concerned about long jumping sequences that capture in as traditional checkers.

Two Elvish Checkers players set up their forces on a board that is made up of one Home Village on each side, with five rows of "forest glade" spaces in between. Each player places a Stone Man on his/her Village and an Elf piece on each of the nine forest glades nearest them. All of the forest glades are connected to each other by diagonal paths to one through four other forest glades, with four of them attached to each Home Village.

One player makes the first move and then the opponents alternate turns for the remainder of the game, which is based on the same rules as classic checkers.
During each turn, players move one playing piece forward one spot on the diagonal matrix. Two Elves of one or two colors may occupy a single space. If the Stone Man lands on an Elf, it sends the Elf back to the owner's village.

The following restrictions apply to each player on his/her turn:

  • Pieces can only move diagonally forward from one space to another.

  • Only two elf pieces may occupy a space at one time.

  • No elf may move into a space that contains a Stone Man.

  • Any piece may move into the Home Village, regardless of which piece it is or how many are there; a piece that is moved into the Home Village of the opponent is "safe" and removed from the board.

  • A Stone Man can move into any space, regardless of who is there; every Elf unit in a space that is moved by the Stone Man is sent back to the owning player's village.

  • Once a Stone Man enters the opponent's Elvish village, it is sent back to the owning player's Home Village.

  • The Elvish Checkers game continues until one player removes all of their elves from the board and then wins the game or until neither player can make any further moves with the remaining game pieces.

    The strategy of elvish checkers game is as simple as the game itself. However, the Stone Man is an important piece. A player who moves the Stone Man out too early can have the opponent's Elves run around it. It's nice to "kill" two opposing Elves with one move; but a clever player will keep his/her Elves in the same spot as an opposing piece to lessen the damage, since a Stone Man kills everything it comes across, not just the enemy game pieces.

    Elvish Checkers is an easy light hearted abstract checkers game that is a lot of fun for younger children. It's small, fast and a simple checkers game to play. Real strategy is evident, but it's secondary to the simplicity of the game.

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