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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Elephant Checkers Game

Elephant Checkers Symbol Over the years, an interest in board games has been rekindled and redefined. As a result, new and unique variations have both been adapted and developed to meet the needs within society’s gamers. Many games, other than Chess, have been played on a simple chessboard. Checkers and Draughts were first invented using the chessboard and now numerous Checkers variants have been created for what has become ‘the standard checkerboard’. Modern checkers game variations have taken the liberty of either changing the parameters of the checkerboard, or have added features from other games and incorporated these to create a completely new game. In 2001, chess enthusiast, Peter Aronson, invented the game of Elephant Checkers, but instead of using the chessboard or checkerboard, he incorporated the game rules to be played on a Xiangqi board. Xiangqi is Chinese Chess and the board is vaguely similar to a standard chessboard in that it is a square board that consists of multiple squares, but there the similarity ends.

Elephant Checkers Rules of Play:

~ Checkers Game Board ~

  • The Xiangqi board consists of ten horizontal lines and nine vertical lines, where the verticals are interrupted by a horizontal void in the center of the board, and this is called a river.

  • There are two palaces situated on opposite sides of the board within four central squares and they are demarked by a large X connecting the four corner points ( Conventional Chess is played on the squares within the board, but Xiangqi Chess and elephant checkers are played on the line intersections called points) ~ this method of play has also been adapted within regular Elephant Checkers games.

Black Palace

Checkers Black Palace diagram
  • The above design represents the board in Xiangqi Chess and it is upon this that the game board for Elephant Checkers game is based.

  • Whereas in Chess and Checkers, the playing pieces are placed on the squares of the board, they are placed on the intersecting points of the squares.

  • Each player begins with 24 soldiers (checker pieces).

~ Object of Elephant Checkers ~

  • The game objective is to, a) leave the opponent with no moves either by capturing all his/her pieces or by blocking the remaining pieces from making further moves, or b) to promote an Elephant (a promoted checker/soldier) to King on the central point in the opponent’s fortress.

~ Game Starting Position ~

  • Each player positions 18 of the soldiers (checkers) on all the points in the third and fourth vertical lines from the end zone, just like they would in Turkish Checkers and the remaining 6 checkers are placed in the fortress X on the first and second vertical lines.

  • This formation leaves a vacant space or river between the two zones of play.
Elephant Checkers board showing the river space
  • The player who has the dark (black) soldiers begins the game with the first move.

~ Elephant Game Moves & Captures ~

  • Soldiers move one square forward or horizontally to an unoccupied square beyond the existing point.

  • Captures are mandatory and each player must choose the path with the maximum number of captures.

  • Capturing is achieved by jumping over an opposing soldier or in a sequence of jumps over a series of pieces to a vacant square beyond.

  • Captured pieces are removed immediately, which allows for numerous opportunities to capture the opponent.

  • A player may not turn 180 degrees during a capturing sequence but must remain on the jumping path.

  • When a soldier has crossed the river, it may move two squares and capture opposing pieces two squares ahead or sideways or capture an adjacent opposing piece and land two squares beyond it.

~ Promotion to Elephant ~

  • When a soldier reaches the opponent’s far side, it is promoted to Elephant.

  • Elephants may move horizontally or vertically to any empty square.

  • They capture opposing pieces by jumping over them and can continue on to any vacant square beyond the capture.

  • Elephants must continue a capturing sequence as long as there are opposing pieces in the path.

  • An Elephant can promote to King if it reaches the Throne point in the center of the opposing fortress, but this is a non capturing move and can only be made if there are no other opposing pieces nearby to capture.

~ Winning the Elephant Checkers Game ~

  • The player who reaches the Throne point in the center of the opposing fortress and promotes the Elephant to King wins the elephant checker game.
Elephant Checkers throne point
Elephant Checkers Logo

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