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Danish Checkers/Draughts Game

Denmark Checkers MapDenmark  Checkers Flag

In Denmark (Danmark), the game of Draughts (Checkers) has become a very popular game of strategy, which is being promoted by the Danish Draughts Federation. Regular tournaments are being held in Denmark. The Danish checkers game players are now often nominated to world championship checker matches. Though, historically, the simple game of Denmark checkers was one more frequently played by children, it’s inherent and deceptively deep complexity has won the interest of seasoned master players in popular Danish society. The international competitive spirit in Checkers has touched this small European country so that more ‘Checkers masters’ will assuredly be forthcoming in the future.

Danish Checkers Rules of Play:

~ The Checkers Game Board ~

In Denmark, Dam ~ ‘brætspil’ ~ is a tactical board game that is played by two opponents on an 8 x 8 chess board (64 squares) with 32 playable squares or a 10 x 10 checkerboard (100 squares) with 50 playable squares.
  1. The checkerboard consists of light and dark squares and once again only the dark squares are used as the playing surface.

  2. The opponents begin with 12 checkers, when playing on a 64 square game board or 15 checkers, when playing on a 100 square game board.

  3. The checkers are placed on opposite sides of the checkerboard.

  4. The checkers are set in contrasting colors of light and dark, often white and red, which may also be called ‘black’.

  5. The checkerboard is positioned squarely between the two players before the game begins so that a dark square is on the left side of each checkers opponent and the double corner is on the right side of each player.

~ Object of the Checkers (Brætspil) Game ~

  1. To strategically outmaneuver the opponent’s play by either capturing all his/her checkers or by tactically blocking any further moves of the remaining checkers on the game board.

  2. If neither player can capture all the opponent’s checkers or block future moves, then the game is considered a draw.

~ Game Starting Position ~

Boy playing checkers game

8 x 8 checker board
  1. Each opponent positions the checkers on the dark squares of the first 3 rows nearest to the player, both for the 8 x 8 and 10 x 10 checkerboards.

  2. The player with the dark or ‘black’ checkers commences the game by making the first move diagonally forward.

(At least one site denotes that the ‘white’checkers always begin; however, according to the Danish Draughts-Checkers Federation, the rules state that the dark checkers start the game with the first move.)

  1. Thereafter, the players of Danish Checkers alternate turns with one move at a time.

~ Legal Checkers Moves ~

~ Game Moves and Captures ~

  1. With each play, the opponents may only make one move at a time.

  2. The checker piece can only be moved one square diagonally forward to the right or to the left to an adjacent unoccupied space unless it can jump one or more of the opponent’s checkers and thus capture them.

  3. All captures are mandatory; if a jump can be made, it must be made.

~ Mandatory Danish Checkers Capture ~

  1. The forced capture rule is the most important rule in draughts (checkers) and according to the Danish Draughts Federation, the beauty and complexity of the game is the result of this rule.

  2. If a player has a choice between jumps, then he/she can choose freely the one that best suits the checkers game strategy.

  3. It is not mandatory to select the jump that captures the most checkers.

  4. It is illegal for a player to jump his/her own checker piece to advance a move.

  5. No player may jump over the same opposing checker or king more than once.

  6. Captured checkers may not be removed from the game board until all jumps in the move are complete and the player’s hand has been removed from the capturing checker or king.

~ Crowned to become King ~

  1. When a checker reaches the last or ‘king’ row of the opponent, it is crowned by the opponent by typically placing an extra checker on top of the original piece.

  2. A‘kinged’ or crowned checker cannot make longer moves than regular checker pieces, and it can also be jumped by other checkers.

  3. Crowned checkers can now jump backwards but this must still only be in a diagonal path to the left or to the right on adjacent empty.

  4. If the checker jumps into the opponent’s last row, the checker is ‘kinged’ but it is not crowned until the next turn, and therefore, the player cannot jump backwards in the same turn.

  5. If a player can jump the opponent’s checker into the last row but there is another checker in a diagonal path away from the king row, then this must also be jumped and the move does not qualify for crowning the player’s checker because the checker piece did not end up in the king row.

~ Danish King Moves ~

  1. Once crowned a king, a checker can now move backwards but this ability to move backwards is the only real difference a king and a regular checker piece.

  2. A king can move all around the checkerboard on right and left diagonals adjacent to where the king piece is situated as long as there are unoccupied squares to move onto.

  3. A king is capable of capturing forwards and backwards.

~ Win or Draw at Denmarks Checkers? ~

  1. A checkers player wins the game once he/she has captured all the opponents men or has blocked any further legal moves of the opponent.

  2. If, after 100 moves, no checkers have been captured, the game ends in a draw.

  3. If either one or both of the opponents only have one checker piece left, then the limits of the moves is reduced to 50.

  4. A player loses the game if he/she no longer has any checkers left.

  5. Forfeiture of the ga me takes place when a player makes an illegal move or refuses to follow game procedure.

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