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Chebache Checkers Game Online

~ Chebache Checkers Notation ~

A traditional game of Checkers requires a developed notation system to record and explain successful and not so successful moves between two opposing players. The original notation system for Chebache was designed for play via email or online, but has since been used in notating games for Chebache Online and will also be a standard notation for recording Chebache checkers games during tournaments. Checkers has its own set of symbols that denote specific game plays during the beginning, middle and endgames. Chebache checkers online uses several symbols to describe different aspects of a player's turn in the order in which they are notated for each turn when it is relevant to do so. As in a regular Checkers game, the symbols have specific meanings relevant to various positional plays. It is important to have a working knowledge of the game notation so that the rules and game plays can be clearly understood.

~ Chebache Checkers Notation System ~

  • 1W:= First turn is for White pieces.
    • 2B:= Second turn is for Black pieces.

    • 3W:= Third turn is for White pieces ... the turn number increases by 1 and alternates from W: to B:with each consecutive turn throughout the game.

    • [ ] = Roll of dice so that [5 2] = a roll of a 5 and a 2 or [3 3] = A roll of Double 3's.

    • S = Start

    • F = Finish

    • 1-17 = spaces along a player’s path of movement from Start to Finish.

    • 1,2,3,4 and/or K = number of pieces and/or King(s) moved, stacked, attacked or sacrificed.
    The positioning of these numbers within the notation signifies whether they refer to pieces or spaces. If only 1 piece is moving, attacking or jumping, it is not necessary to notates it. If more than 1 piece is involved in the movement, then the number of pieces is listed first, followed by the numbers for spaces from where the piece(s) move from and land on. Symbols for direction of movement and attacking are also denoted. A similar process is used in regular Checkers notation.

    Chebache Checkers Notations

    • / = Forward move ~ 2/7 = Move 1 piece forward from space 2 to space 7.

    • \ = Backward move ~ 8\6 = Move 1 piece Backward from space 8 to space 6.

    • X = Attacking either forward or backward ~ 3X9 = Attacking opponent's piece(s) on space 9 with 1 piece from space 3.

    • ( ) = Moving with more than 1 piece together from and to the same space with a roll of Doubles or the King.
    ~ 3(2/5), 12/15 = Moving 3 pieces forward from space 2 to space 5 and 1 piece forward from space 12 to space 15.

    ~ 4(10\9) = Moving 4 pieces backward from space 10 to space 9. ~ 2(3X7) = 2 pieces attack opponent on space 7 from space 3.

    ~ K(4/10) = King moving forward from space 4 to space 10.

    ~ K(10\4) = King moving backward from space 10 to space 4. When moving the King according to the die rolls, it is always listed separately from moves by normal pieces and in the order in which the move occurs.

    ~ 2X5, K(11X5) This makes it clear that the King would attack or move second and end up on top of the stack.
    • X@... = Opponent's piece(s) attacked at opponent's space.....
    ~, ... [3 3]; 2(2X5), 2(8X5); X4@17.... Chebache Note: Attacking, trapped and sacrificed pieces are always sent back to Start, so there's no reason to notate the Start square as S unless a movement is from the starting position.

    • - = Pieces sent back to Start when sacrificed after attacking a King stacked with 1 or 2 other pieces.
      (When pieces are sacrificed while attacking an opponent's stack including a King, the pieces and space referred to are the attackers.) White's turn: [3 3]; 2(2X5), 2(8X5); X2K@17; K(B->W@5); -2@5 .

      ~ White rolls double 3's; 2 pieces attack space 5 from space 2 and 2 more attack space 5 from space 8. The Black King is captured and 2 of the attacking pieces on the attackers space 5 are sacrificed and sent back to Start due to the stacking limit of 4 pieces per space. King = 2 spaces. The attacked pieces are listed just after the movement.
    • ^ = Chebache Jumping/jumped, either forward and backward.
    ~ 4^6; = 1 piece jumping from space 4 to space 6.

    • ( ); = Also used here for listing jumps involving more than 1 piece or the King.

    ~ 2(6^8) = Jumping 2 pieces from space 6 space 8. ~ 3(2^8) = Jumping 3 pieces from space 2 to space 4 to space 6 to space 8.

    ~ K(9X5) = King attacking opponent's piece(s) on 5 from space 9. When Chebache checkers games online are notating a stack Jump using a stack or a portion thereof that includes a King, the stacking order is shown by listing the King with the number of normal pieces involved in the jump. The piece(s) listed from left to right = from bottom to top. 1K = King on top of 1 piece. 2K = King on top of 2 pieces. K1 = King beneath 1 piece. K2 = King beneath 2 pieces. 1K1 = King between 2 pieces. 1K1(2^10) = A stack with a King between 2 normal pieces Jumps from space 2 to 4 to 6 to 8 to 10. Understanding the notation symbols is key to understanding the simplicity or complexity of the game moves in both Chebache and its cousin, Checkers online. It takes both time and practice to notate accurately and to play with consistent expertise. When the pieces are trapped in chebache, the space listed refers to the space of the trapped piece's own color and this piece is then sent back to Start. The trapped pieces are notated near the end, before listing existing chebaches.
    • - = Also used to notate pieces trapped in chebache and sent back to Start.
    ~ -2@12 = 2 pieces trapped in Chebache on space 12 and sent back to Start.
    • < > = In Chebache!
      ~ White and Black spaces that are in chebache are listed between these "Tivit-like" marks.
    ~ <W2,8; B4> = Chebaches on controlling White's spaces 2 and 8 and Black's space 4 Sacrificed pieces that were involved in a King capture are listed after the King flips. K(W->B) and before the jump(s). Pieces trapped in chebache games online are shown after the jump at the end of the turn before listing existing chebaches.

    ~ Chebache Checkers Summary ~

    In a classic game of Checkers, the element of ‘chance’ is based more on the results of planned moves and individual tactics, whereas Chebache carries a greater ‘luck factor’ due to the unknown result in the roll of the dice. Some would say that there is a virtue in the element of chance in that it will always guarantee unprecedented situations. The roll of the dice can break a well planned strategy and humble the player by forcing the hand to choose new playing patterns never tried before. The combination of fast movement, die rolling and deep positional play certainly makes the game of Chebache checkers online worth playing more than once. Chebache brings its own charm and unique features to the realm of strategic board games in the same way that a challenging match of Checkers has succeeded in doing for many generations of game enthusiasts.

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