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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Chebache Game or Checkers

Chebache game is a uniquely different combination of Checkers, Backgammon and Chess. This strategic board chebache game brings together various elements from each of these popular, traditional games and creates a new genre for game enthusiasts.

Chebache Game Board

This chebache game variant was designed by Scott Pardee and has received very positive acclaim. Mitch Thomashow called Chebache ‘a very deep Backgammon’ in a review for The Game Journal and followed by stating "'s terrific fun, even exciting to play. ...I strongly recommend Chebache game. I love this elegant game and I think you will too." In another review, Kelly Tompkins, Board Games Editor for BellaOnLine, commented on the new strategy game, Chebache ~ "If you love strategy games such as Checkers, Backgammon and Chess, you’re sure to love this Chebache Game. ...The strategies are deep, the movement choices are plenty and the flow of the game is ever changing...this is a great challenging and fun game. It takes elements of the classics to a whole new level."

In the same way a deep, strategic game of Checkers takes time to learn but is so fulfilling when played, Chebache game will also require time and experimentation to develop the tactical moves that will challenge an opponent’s intellect. At the same time, the game can be truly educational in reinforcing math skills and encouraging more complex thinking patterns. The more Chebache game is played, the more strategies will evolve as is seen in complex game of tournament Checkers.

Rules of Chebache Game Play:

~ Object of the Game ~

The Chebache game objective is to out maneuver the opponent by moving from the start position across the board diagonally through a route consisting of 18 points and then placing all game pieces in the finish corner at the other side of the board.
  • A player can also win the chebache game by trapping the opponent’s King piece in “chebache”.

  • Though the ultimate objective is to win by applying strategy and clear thinking to game moves in much the same way opponents do in Checkers, the means by which this is achieved is unique to Chebache and as a result, this variant is again different from most of the other checker variations discussed this far.

~ The Chebache Game Board ~

The game board is a 4 x 4 square checkerboard consisting of 16 large alternating black and white squares, wherein four red diamonds are placed on the four central black and white squares that contain ‘tivits’ to denote a change of direction.
  • This Chebache game board is simply a smaller version of a standard Checkers or Chess board in the number of squares, but unlike these games, the orientation of the checker pattern is not as important because each player’s game pieces are placed on only one black corner square and the middle four.

  • The checkerboard is placed squarely between the two players as in Checkers and Chess but the movement pattern is completely different.

  • Each player uses a set of regular game pieces and a King that are circular disks in contrasting colors, reminiscent of checkers.
Chebache board with playing pieces
  • The chebache game is also based on an element of chance in that the opponents use a set of six sided dice that determines the number of squares in each move.
Spiel 2001 Chebache Tournament
Spiel 2001 Chebache Tournament game

Spiel 2001 Chebache Tournament

~ The Starting Game Position ~

At the beginning of each game, each opponent has a stack of four playing pieces in the start square and four stacks of two playing pieces placed on the corresponding tivits in the middle red squares.
  • The regular playing pieces are single ‘checkers’ and the King piece is a double piece already fashioned into this two checker shape so that the players do not have to crown a single man to become King as in Checkers; the position and power of the King is already available with the commencement of the game.

  • The black and white paths intersect alternately.

  • There are no ‘safe zones’ in this strategy game, any more than there are in either Checkers or Chess.

  • The player to make the first move rolls the two die and movement is then activated by the outcome number on the dice.

  • The roll can be either one or two pieces.
Chebache Checkers board showing more playing pieces.

~ Checkers Game Paths ~

In Checkers, the path is determined by the playing piece if it moves diagonally forward in a right or left direction or backwards if the piece is a King and also by the player’s strategy and experience in play.
  • In Chebache, the player’s path is reflected in the zigzag pattern as each piece moves horizontally across the board three times on the way from start to finish at the corresponding colored square in the diagonal corner opposite the starting position.

  • Black and white each have their own path but the paths intersect alternately.

  • The intersection points are vulnerable places for the players because the playing pieces may be attacked and thus returned to the starting position.

  • The attack is similar to a capture in Checkers with the exception that the captured piece is generally removed from the board altogether, whereas in Chebache the piece is simply returned to the beginning.

  • In this chebache game, its geometry can create triangular configurations that surround and threaten the opponent’s pieces; this play is called a “chebache”.

  • Unlike total capture in Checkers, the pieces in this game are vulnerable by replacement capture or by chebache ~ “the chebache formation is an ingenious device and the heart of the game’s originality (Thomashow)”.
Chebache Checkers Black PathChebache Checkers White Path

Chebache Black Path and White Path

Each path alternates between the squares or tivits of the opponent’s own color and the intersections where black and white squares meet.

White & Black paths:

Intersection is all ODD numbered spaces

The squares are EVEN numbered spaces of 4, 6, 12, & 14

The tivits are EVEN numbered spaces with white angle marks 2, 8, 10, & 16 for WHITE

EVEN numbered spaces with black angle marks 2, 8, 10, & 16 for BLACK.

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