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Great Britain
British Checkers Game

Checkers In Great Britian
English Draughts and British Checkers (Great Britain)

Although American Checkers is a very popular game of strategy, there are also numerous regional variants to Checkers around the world. Each International game of Checkers is characterized by a variation in the size of the playing board, in the movement of the King, and in the laws of capture. These details often change the strategic and tactical planning of the game. These variances will be explained under each different type of Checkers game. This game is the British version of American checkers, also known as ‘straight checkers’ from Great Britain. British checkers game and Draughts are strategy games played by two players on opposite sides of a checkerboard and involves making alternate diagonal moves of uniform checker pieces, just as in the traditional American checkers version.

British Checkers Game Rules:

1. British checkers game is played on an 8 x 8 checkerboard with dark and light squares but the actual playing surface is only on the dark squares

2. 12 men or checkers are used by each opponent

3. ‘Black’ or the darker color moves first

4. uncrowned pieces or checker ‘men’ can only move and capture in a forward direction to an empty square

5. when there is more than one way to make a jump, the player may choose which way he/she wants to move; this sequence may not necessarily result in making the greatest number of captures

6. when more than one jump is available in a given move, all captures must be made in that sequence

7. player can only move the checker forwards to capture an opposing game piece

8. a captured checker is removed from the game board

9. when checker pieces reach the opposing player’s King Row or Crown head, then they become Kings and acquire additional powers including the ability to move, jump, and capture backwards

10. all other conditions of regular checkers game play for British checkers are the same as denoted in American checkers

British Checkers Flag

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