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Bounce Checkers Game

World Checkers Game Map

When we review the history associated with Checkers/Draughts game and the number of variations that exist worldwide, then it becomes evident that this ‘basically simple’ board game is more than mere child’s play. Checkers/Draughts carries a greater complexity in opportunities and challenges when the players successfully apply strategy, experience and gaming skill. The game play of Checkers/Draughts is deeply rooted in ancient African civilization and throughout time has evolved into a game firmly entrenched in modern society. However, for reasons only we, as humans, fully understand, the set rules from decades before are not always completely satisfactory so over the years numerous changes have taken place to suit both regional and personal differences. Checkers/Draughts has become the victim, some would say, of the modern predisposition of always wanting to change the tried and true so that the 21st century is now the dumping ground of countless invented Checkers variants. Mind you, some of the new rules or additions to existing play have indeed created a game that is more intellectually stimulating, visually intriguing and tactically absorbing. Whether this is true with respect to the numerous invented Checkers variants, only time will tell!

Bouncers – Bounce Checkers

This divergent variation of checkers applies similar rules as a regular checkers game but introduces an unusual form of movement, which is called ‘multiple-bounce movement’ and changes the capture method as well to ‘capture by approach in the movement direction’.

Rules of Bounce Game:

~ The Bounce Game Board ~

This bounce checkers variant is played on a standard 8 x 8 checkerboard consisting of 64 alternating light and dark squares.
  • Two players face each other across the checkered board and use 16 checkers each in contrasting colors.

  • In comparison to regular checkers, the bounce checkers game play is on all the squares, not the dark ones only.

~ Object of Bounce Checkers Game ~

  • The goal of the game is to capture all the opponent’s checkers.

~ Bounce Checkers Starting Position ~

  • The board is positioned squarely between the two players with a single dark corner on each opponent’s right and a dark double corner on the left.

  • All the squares are used during play so that each opponent places his/her checkers on the light and dark squares of the first two rows closest to the player.
Bounce Checkers board

~ Game Moves & Captures ~

  • Opponents move their checker pieces horizontally, and diagonally or vertically forward by bouncing on an adjacent checker while moving in the direction of the bounce.

  • A checker moves to an empty square as in regular checkers.

  • Single checkers cannot move backwards.

  • Players use checkers of ANY color as springboards for the checker movement so that the piece that ‘hangs in the air’ cannot move.

  • Checkers may also bounce on the rim of the checkerboard; if the ‘man’ is positioned on the side of the game board, then it can bounce in a diagonally forward direction.

  • A checker can bounce in three forward directions on the first row.

  • If an opposing checker is situated on an adjacent square to the one the bouncing checker is moving from, then the piece is captured as long as it is in the same direction as the movement direction.

  • An opponent continues to bounce his/her checker until there are no further moves to be made or until he/she decides to stop the play.

  • Bouncing checkers use approach capture but only in the direction of the move.

  • During multiple moves, a checker may not go back to the originating square.

  • Capture is not compulsory.

~ King Promotion, Moves, & Captures ~

  • When a checker reaches the opponent’s last row, it is crowned a king.

  • King checkers have special privileges in that they can move in ALL directions, including backwards.

  • Kings move all by themselves, unlike single checkers, but only one square at a time.

  • If a player’s king captures an opposing piece, then the king gets a bonus move.

  • Capture is not mandatory for kings and they capture in the same manner as single checkers by approach movement.

  • Kings are allowed to move back to the originating square in the move.

~ Win or Loss ~

  • A player wins the game when he/she captures all the opponents checkers.

  • If the game ends in a stalemate, it is considered a loss.

~ Bounce Game Strategy ~

  • It is advantageous to use the opponent’s checkers as well as one’s own as springboards for movement.

  • As checker pieces cannot ‘jump’ over the opposition, the challenge on how to reach the opponent’s last row and seek promotion becomes a crucial element of tactical movement.

  • Try to manipulate the advantage by finding ways to gain material such as two pieces for one.

  • Always try to use the rim of the checkerboard when moving the checkers in a forward direction.

  • As there is no differentiation between regular moves and capturing moves and the checkers can only advance and capture by using other pieces as springboards, then it is important to look for all opportunities that result in movement towards the king row.

  • Using this method of movement and capture brings an element of intrigue into the game.

  • King endgames present interesting scenarios and a three to one majority of kings creates a winning situation.

~ Other Variants of Bounce Checkers ~

  • Variations on the 8 x 8 board are using Bouncers 12 pieces, Bouncers 12 pieces with terminal moves; Bouncers 16 pieces, Bouncers 16 pieces with terminal moves.

  • There are also variations on a 10 x 10 checkerboard, which consist of using Bouncers 20 pieces and Bouncers 20 pieces with terminal moves.

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