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Checkers Around the World Invented Checkers Variants

Animated Checkers Games

Shrek animated checkers game boardSimpsons' checkers game board.

Shrek and Simpson animated checkers games.

As in the other checkers game sets, both of these animated checkers games have been customized to incorporate colorful checkerboards, contoured checkers decorated with the special characters and basic checkers rules adapted to the theme behind the fun and adventuresome play.

Imagination is definitely behind the creations of the various inventive minds that are developing a vast variety of animated checkers game sets intended to teach children the rudimentary skills of following directions, playing by the rules and experimenting with simple checkers game strategies.

Though the themes, color schemes and checkers shapes and designs differ with each animated game, the basic concept is the same. Offer children animated checkers games they will enjoy in a fantasy environment, but more importantly, give them an opportunity to learn new skills or develop existing ones further.

Coca Cola checkers game box top

Coca Cola animated checkers game.

Custom COKE and COCA COLA bottle caps are the featured checkers in this animated checkers game with a standard red and white checkered game board. The white COKE team faces off against the red COCA COLA team so it’s up to the players to see who can capture the most bottle caps and crown the most kings.

M&M challenge between Milk Chocolate and Peanut checkers game

M & M checkers game.

Here is a classic M&M challenge between Milk Chocolate and Peanut. Each animated checker piece in contrasting colors of gold and brown is customized with one of the sweet and chocolaty characters so that Red and Green represent the Milk Chocolate team whereas Yellow and Blue represent the Peanut team. Classic checkers rules still rule and will determine the outcome as to which sweet team outmaneuvers the other.

Lord of the Rings animated game

Lord of the Rings animated checkers game.

This vividly designed checkers game features a brightly colored animated checkered game board decorated in a Lord of the Rings motif ~ the Evil Eye of Sauron. Included are twenty four decorated gold and silver rings that represent the checkers to be used. The game rules have been adapted to the storyline of this popular tale and will enhance the play behind innovative minds.

Invented Checkers Games

Extreme Checkers Chebache Checkers Alien Checkers Four Handed Checkers Elecrronic Checkers
Elephant Checkers Parachute Checkers Ringboard Checkers Shifty Checkers Modern Checkers
Rubiks Checkers Kinger and Dragons Checkers Enchanted Checkers Space Checkers Nascar Checkers
Hoppin Checkers Cohort Checkers Checker SaurusRex Fascination Checkers Animated Checkers
Cheskers Checkers Hawaiian Checkers Battle Checkers Stadium Checkers Disney Checkers
Giveaway Checkers Bounce Checkers Chinese Checkers Garden Checkers King Kong Checkers
Space 2006 Checkers Quick Checkers Yesteryer Checkers Lego Checkers Insect Checkers
Cube Checkers Checkers 2000 Saving Private Checkers Justice League Checkers Elvish Checkers
Doubles Checkers Hoppin 2 Checkers Safari Dino Checkers Tri Checkers Tournament Stadium Checkers
Caribbean Checkers Turntable Checkers Word Checkers Checkers 4

DeerLake Online Store Items

Wonder Mugs Play checkers online, and enjoy drinking from this cool wonder mug.
When adding hot liquid, the colors of the mug will change, checkers cool.

Checkers is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white-chip checkers and the other red. The aim is to play checkers online, capture all of the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move.

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